• BJAST Had Exchanges with Institutions from Serbia on Cooperation
  • From November 22 to 24th, four expert representatives from the Serbian Center for the Promotion of Science, the University of Belgrade, University of Kragujevac and other institutions were invited to visit the BJAST to carry out a series of exchanges and seminars on joint application projects...    >>Details
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  • BJAST Received a Visit from he University of Bergamo and the China-Italian Joint Laboratory of Advan..
  • On December 5, Sergio Cavalieri, President of the University of Bergamo, and Wang Jian, an expert from the China-Italian Joint Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing (CI-LAM), visited the BJAST....    >>Details
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Institute of Urban Safety and Environmental Science, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology(Beijing Municipal Institute of Labour Protection)
Institute of Analysis and Testing, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology(Beijing Center for Physical and Chemical Analysis)
Institute of Resources and Environment, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology( Beijing Research Center for Land Remediation Technology )
National Natural History Museum of China
Beijing Planetarium
Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center
Beijing Research Center for Radiation Application Co., Ltd.
Beijing Institute of Electro-machining Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Institute of Nutritional Resources Co., Ltd.
Beijing Computing Center Co., Ltd.
Beijing Laboratory Animal Research Center Co. , Ltd.
Beijing Institute of New Technology Applications Co., Ltd.
Beijing Institute of Automatic Test Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing BJAST Holdings Co., Ltd.
Beijing Science and Technology Publishing Co., Ltd.
Beijing Beike Anxiang Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.
CCP (Beijing) Environment Development Co.,Ltd.